The Literacy Council

Serving Macon and Jackson Counties


Advisory Board

board of directors

Marjorie Christiansen

Melissa Delany

Gerry Doubleday

Lee Garrett

Cindy Trevathan

The mission of The Literacy Council is to enrich lives and expand the knowledge of children, adults and families through diverse educational programs that advance literacy in its many forms and to promote lifelong learning, which results in an informed and empowered community.


Susan Smith, Chair

Mary Ann Hardman, Vice Chair

Emily Wilmarth, Secretary

Hilda Patrick, Treasurer

Patty Campell

Chesley Garrett

Harriet Hamilton

Jane Jerry

Bob Lennon

Skip Neale

Elizabeth Spaulding

Bonnie Potts

Executive Director

Tonya Anderson

Program and Volunteer Manager

Carol Waldroop

Franklin Program Coordinator

Jackie Reyes

Program Instructor

Kelsey Parrish

ESL Instructor